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Undergraduate Majors(s) and Minor(s) Declaration Form

Co-op CNST385L4 (1 Credit) and Learning Beyond the Classroom (LBC)

Students have two options. The first option is that you need the Co-op credit to meet the 124 credit hour minimum to graduate. The second option is some students may have more than 124 credit hours from EMU and other institutions so the CNST385L4 Co-op class can be waived with a few requirements listed below, which may still require an LBC requirement if it has not been completed already.

Option 1: Take CNST385L4 for credit that includes the LBC

  • IMPORTANT: If you need CNST385L4 for graduation, you MUST submit paperwork before the start of the semester you plan to graduate in!

  • To take the CNST385L4 Co-op course for credit and requires you to work for 200 hours.

  • Look at the instructions below.

  • You will need to get a Letter of Commitment (LOC) from your employer.

  • You will then need to fill out the attached SIF and SAF forms below.

  • You only need to fill out your personal information on the forms.

  • Then email the SAF to Adam Bogedain to sign and he will send it back to you.

  • Then you will submit all three to Evaughn Wethington and she will be the one that registers you for the course and takes it from there. NOTE: Also, if you will need 3 Credit Hours let Evaughn Wethington know and she can set you up for CNST 387 L4 which will require 600 hours of work.

Option 2: As of Fall 2022 use this option. Submit a wavier for CNST385L4 and complete an essay. A Linkedin profile with a reference to obtain the LBC component will be needed if you still need an LBC.
Note: for this option, you will not need to pay for a class, but you will not be offered any additional credit hours. Please consult with your advisor if you would like to do this option.

Associate Constructor (AIC Level-1 Exam) Study Materials
Note: It is suggested you look at both.


Undergraduate Students

Your advisor is determined by your last name initial.

A–F: Adam Bogedein: | 734.487.1940

G–K: Benedict Ilozor: | 734.487.1299

L–P: Raed Jarrah: | 734.487.2490

Q–Z: Pejman Rezakhani: | 734.487.4695

Undergraduate Program Coordinator

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Graduate Program Coordinator

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Misc FAQ's

How do I enroll as a guest student at another school?

You will need to fill out a guest student form at the other institution and follow the instructions they give you. There is a part on the form for EMU's Records & Registration Office to fill out. The other institution will let you know if you need to send it to EMU or if they take care of that part.


ACCE - American Council for Construction Education (our program accreditor)

AGC - The Associated General Contractors of America

ASC - Associated Schools of Construction

AIC - American Institute of Constructors (The AIC Study Guide is on their site)

WCA - Washtenaw Contractors Association

BRAG - Builders & Remodelers Association of Greater Ann Arbor

MCAA - Mechanical Contractors Association of America