EMU CM Alumni Mentoring Program

This is an informal mentorship program based solely on the mentee’s desire to be mentored and build connections within the construction industry.



To connect students and recent graduates with established industry professionals.


Program Goals:

The EMU Construction Management Alumni Mentor Program aims to-



Mentees will be paired with a mentor upon completing the application. We will do our best to match people up with similar interests. However, we recognize that this program only works if both parties are interested in continuing the relationship. For that reason, mentors and mentees are welcome to request a new Mentor or Mentee at any time for any reason.

The mentor/mentee pair will meet as frequently as they see fit via whichever format  (email, zoom, phone call, in-person) works best for them. The schedule will be determined between the mentor and mentee and shall last as long as they see fit.

Mentors will be provided with a list of possible activities and questions from the chapter to get the mentorship started.


What mentees might expect from a mentorship:


Apply to be a Mentee

Apply to be a Mentor